Knitting and crocheting are not just hobbies. They are forms of self-expression channelling our creative energy. They are art. They are our happy place. They take us to another dimension. They soothe us. Working with natural yarns adds even more to the experience. Because when we knit, we touch every stitch. Every inch of the yarn will run through our fingers.

Hand-dyed yarns are always something special. When we work with a gradient, we are excited to see where the next colour change will occur. When we work with a variegated yarn, every stitch is an adventure. Colours can change your mood. They can cheer you up on a rainy day. When you look at a skein of yarn, you can almost feel the colours reverberating with your soul.

Fields of Yarn is run by knitwear designer Ágnes Kutas, her husband Christian, their seven-year-old daughter Lilla and their two-year-old son Dávid. When you live with a knitwear designer, you either start to love yarn or hate yarn after a while, and in this case, most probably the former happened because it was actually Christian who came up with the idea of opening an online yarn store. He is responsible for the technical stuff and accounting, while Ágnes is living every knitter’s dream picking yarns and colours and then photographing all those pretty skeins and cakes! Lilla and Dávid are also very excited about our family adventure and want to help in any way they can.

At Fields of Yarn, you will find yarns made of the finest natural fibres, lovingly and professionally hand-dyed by talented indie dyers at small studios.

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